Celestial Winter Trio: Dual-Layered Ornament Set


Illuminate your festive setting with our Snowflake and Star Bundle, three dual-layered designs blending pristine white with a rich walnut base, capturing winter’s majestic dance.

Delve into the magic of winter’s night sky with our meticulously crafted Snowflake and Star Bundle. This curated collection encapsulates the wonder of the season with two distinct snowflake designs – one with delicate, intricate lines, and the other with a more robust, bold pattern – complemented by the radiant star’s timeless charm. Each piece masterfully layers ethereal white upon a rich walnut base, adding depth, contrast, and a touch of natural elegance.

The harmonious blend of these elemental symbols is a celebration of winter’s tranquility and the shining aspirations we hold during the festive season. Expertly crafted, this bundle is not only a testament to artisanal craftsmanship but also a versatile set that promises to be the jewel of any holiday display. Whether adorning your tree or enhancing a special festive corner, the Snowflake and Star Bundle brings a harmonious blend of celestial beauty and earthly warmth to your holiday celebrations.


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