“Have Yourself a Dairy Little Christmas” Cheese Board


Savor festive flavors with our slate cheeseboard, artfully engraved with the playful phrase, “Have Yourself a Dairy Little Christmas.”

Unveil a touch of festive wit and culinary elegance with our handcrafted slate cheeseboard. Crafted from premium slate, its dark, smooth surface provides the perfect backdrop for the whimsically engraved message: “Have Yourself a Dairy Little Christmas.” Every detail of this board, from its robust slate texture to the intricate engraving, is a testament to artisanal excellence and love for holiday traditions.

Beyond just serving cheese, this board is an invitation to shared moments, laughter, and delightful holiday feasts. Its playful twist on a classic phrase is sure to spark conversations, chuckles, and cherished memories. Whether you’re presenting a gourmet cheese selection to guests or gifting this unique piece to a cheese enthusiast, our engraved slate cheeseboard promises to add a sprinkle of holiday cheer and a dash of sophistication to every festive occasion. Celebrate the season with style, wit, and a touch of dairy delight!


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