Zesty Lemon Welcome Sign Design (FILES ONLY)


Digital design files for a charming ‘Welcome to our zesty abode’ sign, featuring a half slice of lemon. Perfect for crafting your unique home decor!

Digital File: Zesty Welcome Sign

Add a refreshing touch to your home with our Zesty Welcome Sign design file. Perfect for those who love unique and vibrant home decor. This lemon-inspired design is bound to add a zesty flair to any abode. Please note, this purchase is a digital file only, no physical product will be shipped​.

Embrace the vibrant energy of our Zesty Welcome Sign design file. This digital template allows you to create a delightful sign that is a perfect blend of zest and elegance, right from the comfort of your home. Remember, this purchase is a digital file only, no physical product will be shipped​.

Unique Lemon Slice Design

Our design file allows you to recreate the unique design of our Zesty Welcome Sign. The charming design features a lemon-shaped bottom half and a welcoming message on the top, creating a cheerful and vibrant accent for your living space. This contrasting design creates an intriguing visual interest, adding a touch of zest to any space​.

Versatile and Easy-to-Use SVG, DXF, and EPS Files

Our design file comes in a number of formats, including SVG, DXF and EPS versions to maximize compatibility. With these files, you can craft a sign with precision and attention to detail. Note, the user is responsible for cutting, assembling, and finishing the sign.


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