Candy Cane Countdown Design (FILES ONLY)


Infuse the holiday spirit into your home with our “Candy Cane Countdown” digital file, a unique and personalized countdown that becomes the centerpiece of your Christmas celebrations. Revel in the festive excitement as you mark down the days till Christmas with our intricate candy cane design, coupled with a customizable family name.

Digital File: Candy Cane Countdown (FILES ONLY)

Introduce a sweet twist to your holiday countdown with our “Candy Cane Countdown (FILES ONLY)” digital file. This interactive piece not only injects excitement into the days leading up to Christmas but also serves as an exquisite holiday decor that encapsulates the charm of the festive season.

Two-Layer Candy Cane Countdown Design

This design file encompasses a two-layer countdown setup. The background features a sturdy base holding the candy canes and the countdown etched into it. The foreground layer adds a festive touch with a beautiful cursive “Merry Christmas” and provides a space to customize the family name.

User-Friendly Zip File Format

This file is delivered in a zip format, comprising SVG, EPS, DXF, and PNG files, streamlining your crafting process. Download the files, and you’re set to assemble this festive piece. The user bears responsibility for cutting, assembling, and completing the countdown.

Ideal for Customization and Gifting

The “Candy Cane Countdown” file is perfect for personalizing your holiday decor or presenting a thoughtful, unique gift to loved ones. The customization options allow you to add a personal touch, creating cherished memories along with the festive excitement.


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