5 Advent Calendars Bundle with 7 Custom Inserts (FILES ONLY)


Laser-Engravable Advent Calendar with Custom Inserts

Craft your own personalized Advent Calendar this festive season with our versatile digital file. Designed for compatibility with most laser machines, this file offers:

  • Five Unique Designs: Tailored to suit varied tastes.
  • Optimal Size: Ideal for mantles/desktops and fits four on a Glowforge board.
  • Interactive Experience: Comes with 24 holes for unique daily surprises.
  • Seven Bonus Custom Inserts: Daily quotes from Christmas movies, DIY craft ideas, heartfelt prayers, acts of kindness prompts, Christmas-origin Bible facts, festive trivia, and joy-filled jokes.
  • Quality Crafting: Detailed layer instructions for a seamless crafting experience.
  • Recommended Material: Eco birch for the best engraving results.

This Christmas, let your countdown be as memorable as the festive days themselves!

Add a touch of personalized magic to your festive season with this digital file designed to craft a bespoke Advent Calendar using a laser. Perfect for those looking for a blend of tradition and contemporary style, this Advent Calendar is an interactive way to countdown to Christmas.

Key Features:

  1. Five Unique Designs: This product offers five distinct engravable designs, ensuring there’s a style to suit everyone’s taste.
  2. Lots of Options: The holes can be used to hold paper money, or alternatively, print out one of our custom inserts that is provided with the product.
  3. Free Bonus Custom Inserts: Elevate the Advent experience with access to seven custom insert packs, each pack contains 24 individual items, perfectly sized to be printed, rolled, and tucked into the calendar slots.  There are currently 7 bundles available, if there’s something we’re missing, let us know and we can look at adding it.
    1. Movie Quotes; A quotes a day from your favorite characters in your favorite Christmas movies.
    2. DIY Decorations; from Paper Snowflakes to Christmas lanterns,, this pack has 24 unique ideas to do a craft a day this Christmas season.
    3. Prayers; 24 heartfelt prayers to keep the spirit of Christmas alive in your heart and home.
    4. Random Acts of Kindness; Rediscover the true essence of Christmas with prompts encourage acts of generosity and compassion.
    5. Bible Facts; Embark on a spiritual journey to the origins of Christmas with our collection of Bible facts.
    6. Christmas Trivia; Test your festive knowledge with our Christmas trivia pack.
    7. Jokes; Keep the festive cheer alive with a joke a day.
  4. Versatile Formats: Each design is provided in four common file formats (SVG, EPS, DXF, PNG), making it compatible with most laser machines.
  5. Perfect Size: Designed to comfortably grace a mantle or desktop, while also efficiently fitting four to a single board on a Glowforge.
  6. Interactive Experience: Each calendar boasts 24 holes, ready to be filled with paper money or a custom inserts.

Crafting Instructions

Each design incorporates three layers for the stand and a separate layer for the calendar. Beyond its primary use as an Advent Calendar, there’s room for creativity. You could create a Christmas countdown for teens using money or even print out motivational quotes. We also provide a digital file with jokes, biblical verses, and motivational quotes to enhance the experience.

Material Recommendation

The calendar showcased in our photos is crafted from eco birch, available at Smokey Hills Designs. This wood is a dream to engrave, accepting paint effortlessly. And if you ever overstep with the paint? No worries! It wipes off cleanly, leaving your design pristine.

Invest in this digital file and ensure your Advent countdown is as unique and special as the memories you’ll make this holiday season.


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